5 Benefits of Hair Supplements Besides Hair Growth

Hair loss is a big deal for most people. You could have a reduced self-confidence and even develop anxiety and depression from having a bad hair. Little wonder the rush for vitamin supplements that promise healthy, strong, and bulky hair.

While some of these products give us a run for our money, did you know that these supplements do more than just make your hair healthier and stronger? They are packed full with essential ingredients which play other vital roles in our body which may not appear on the labels.

They contain B-vitamins such as biotin, riboflavin, and vitamins A, C, D,and E, as well as minerals which, although our body needs in small amounts, help in vital processes in our body. Let’s take a look at five benefits of these hair supplements besides making your hair grow and look healthier.

1. Metabolism of Food

Biotin, for example, contained in a lot of hair supplements such as Natrol’s Bounty and Max Absorption, is vital for energy production.

Enzymes which are needed in the production of energy from food require biotin to function properly. When we eat carbs, fats, or protein foods, these enzymes in a series of steps, break these foods down into smaller absorbable nutrients. Without biotin, these processes will be dysfunctional.

In addition, biotin is involved in the processes through which glucose is formed from other nutrients such as fats. Glucose is the fuel of the body, so this process needs to be optimal for our body to function well.

There are so many substances, enzymes inclusive, in our body which are made from amino acids. Biotin is involved in the production of amino acids in our body.

2.Lower Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics

In type 2 diabetes, blood sugar levels are high due to an impairment in the function of insulin. Insulin is a hormone which increases the rate at which your cells and tissues take up glucose to provide energy for them to function. Therefore, if insulin function is impaired, there will be too much glucose flowing in your blood, and this is dangerous.

Studies have shown that hair supplements which contain biotin and chromium reduce blood sugar levels in these patients.

This is even more interesting because diabetes usually causes hair disorders such as alopecia. Using hair supplements, therefore, helps to treat both the hair problems and high blood sugar levels at the same time.

3. Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Vitamins packed in hair supplements help in both life stages. Pregnancy and breastfeeding usually come with a higher risk of B-vitamin deficiency and it has been estimated that more than half of pregnant women develop it.

Even though the body needs just a small amount of B vitamins, a deficiency may cause many adverse effects including numbness and pain in the hands and feet and memory loss in severe cases.

Taking these hair supplements therefore, benefits pregnant and nursing women by preventing this nutritional deficiency. However, it is always recommended to seek the advise of your doctor before taking them.

4. Protect the Brain

The brain and spinal cord constitute our central nervous system, coordinating movement, personality, emotions, and memory. These organs are made up of neurons which transmit signals to different parts of our brain. These neurons are covered with a fatty sheath called myelin.

Myelin speeds up transmission of signals between the neurons, keeping your brain functions optimal. The B-vitamins, particularly biotin, are very important in the production of myelin sheath.

Patients who suffer from multiple sclerosis, a disease of the brain characterized by loss of this sheath, have reported remarkable improvement in their symptoms after taking biotin.

5. Treat Brittle Nails

Hair supplements have been used for treating brittle nails and other nail disorders. Brittle nails are weak, fragile, and easily cracked. B-vitamin supplements and some minerals contained in these supplements promote growth of cells and production of keratin to strengthen your nails.

So, when next you shop for your favorite hair supplements, know that the benefits are beyond your hair. However, it is always recommended that you consult your doctor before taking them.