5 Vitamins and Supplements that Work Best for Black Hair

Hair loss is a common condition among men and women necessitating the present rush for hair supplements to boost hair growth and strength.

The hair product market has been expanding over past few years as there is an increasingly high demand for these supplements. There are tons of these products out there, all of which promise to rejuvenate your hair in no time.

Be careful there, however, because when it comes to treatment of hair loss and thin hair, there is no quick fix. Any product that promises a quick treatment is only trying to cash in on the high demand.

Some hair vitamins are good for certain hair types, you need to find out which one is suitable for your type of hair. Among many of these vitamin supplements in the market, there are some that are particularly effective for growth and repair of black hair.

Five Hair Supplements that Work for Black Hair

1.The Mane Choice Manetabolism Plus Hair Growth Vitamin

The Mane Choice hair product is known for its unique combination of vitamins to help grow your hair faster and longer. In addition to boosting the health and growth of your hair, it also promotes the growth, lustre, and health of your nails.

Mane Choice supplements work by stimulating your hair follicles, skin cells, and nail beds to improve their intake of the vitamins.

The pros of Mane Choice include;

  • Fast rate of hair growth
  • Promote better overall health of your body
  • Packed full with antioxidants which mop up free radicals and toxins from your body.

2. Hairfinity Healthy Hair Complex Vitamins

Hairfinity vitamins are known for their ability to transform your hair totally. Certain celebrities, notably Keisha Knight Pulliam and Nicki Minaj have attested to the effectiveness of these vitamins.

The pros of Hairfinity Healthy Hair complex include;

  • It contains Vitamin A and D which are antioxidants that protect the hair and skin from toxins.
  • Niacin which boosts circulation of blood to the scalp, preventing injuries.
  • This product contains pantothenic acid which nourish your hair follicles and thicken them to prevent hair loss.
  • It also contains biotin which is known to boost growth of hair, produce keratin, and improve the elasticity of your hair.

3. Hairburst Chewable Hair Vitamins

If you don’t love taking pills, these vitamins are suitable for you. These vitamins are easy to swallow and contain the essential blend of vitamins and minerals needed for growth of black hair.

People love Hairburst Hair Vitamins for the following reasons;

  • It is strawberry and blackcurrant flavored, giving it a pleasant taste
  • It is chewable, so you don’t have to swallow whole
  • These vitamins contain essential minerals like zinc and selenium which improve the health of skin, nails, and hair.
  • They reduce hair breakage.

4. Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Growth Vitamins

Viviscal extra strength hair growth supplement is noted for its drug-free blend of vitamins and minerals to boost the growth and thickness of your hair.

Here are the reasons why a lot of people take it;

  • Contains a lot of natural ingredients
  • Best selling hair supplement in the US
  • Clinically proven to improve hair thickness and fullness within 3 to 6 months.
  • Works well for all hair types

5. Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nails Gummies

Nature’s bounty is another chewable hair supplement that you can find almost everywhere. It is this popular. It contains a rich blend of biotin, nutrients, and antioxidant to promote a strong and healthy hair.

The pros of Nature’s bounty include the following;

  • Contains vitamin C and E which is a strong antioxidant, therefore, removing toxins from your hair.
  • Vitamin C helps in production of collagen which is needed for the thickness and strength of skin.
  • Has a delicious strawberry flavour.

If you have a black hair, you can’t go wrong with any of these supplements. However, always let your doctor know before you commence any of them. You are sure to have you full, healthy, and strong black hair back these hair supplements.