6 Essential Protein Foods for Your Hair Growth Diet

Nowadays, experiencing frequent thinning and hair loss is quite common among men and women. Now that you are often exposed to harsh chemicals and pollution, it is difficult to grow and maintain healthy hair. No matter your age, hair loss is considered hereditary and you are at risk of losing hair as you advance in age. As a result, beauticians have come up with numerous remedies to help people restore the charm of lustrous and healthy hair. Question is: are they worth it?

Some people can attest that yoga has therapeutic effects of hair and other parts of their bodies. Not only is it an important relaxation technique, but it is also instrumental in controlling hormones for hair growth. When you look at it, it is easy to take a few minutes indulging in it rather than spending your hard-earned money on expensive hair products. Alternatively, you can opt for foods rich in protein to fortify the hair follicles and scalp as illustrated below:

1. Lean Red Meat

Research indicates that deficiency in iron is enough reason why most people experience premature baldness and massive hair loss. This is clearly evident in people who fail to include foods rich in this special mineral in their diets. A special inclusion of organ meats such as liver will guarantee enough iron intake. If you find it less appetizing, try to cook it alongside spinach and other dark green leafy vegetables.

2. Eggs

Eggs contain the highest form of protein and a special element known as biotin. Naturally, they will transport oxygen from air to your hair follicles leading to hair redemption. Although nutritionists have not yet affirmed the relationship between biotin and hair growth, a deficiency will lead to massive hair loss. You are better off including it as part of breakfast, lunch or dinner to increase your iron, protein and biotin intake rather than opting out of it.

3. Fish

Seafood is known to contain the highest content of omega-3 fatty acids which act as great hair nourishes. There are plenty of sources to choose from among them being; salmon and Indian mackerel. Oysters are naturally rich in zinc; a deficiency can result in hair loss and dandruff. By taking foods rich in zinc, your body will be able to produce more androgens; important in prevention on stunted hair growth and flaky scalp. If you want to avoid any of these conditions, consider taking oysters, salmon, mackerel or any other seafood.

4. Lean Poultry

Have you have realized the relationship between proteins and muscle growth? Well, the same case applies in hair follicles. If you take foods that lack proteins, your hair might start shrinking. If you notice any slight changes in your body, take a step back and reevaluate what you have not been taking. Probably, you have been avoiding special white meat rich in proteins. This is the best time to prepare your favorite chicken, lean pork of lean beef. It may not be on a daily basis but it is necessary if you want your hair to grow long and strong again.

5. Greek Yoghurt

Milk is considered one of the best options where protein intake in concerned. It is even better if you take one that has undergone fermentation process such as Greek yoghurt. It is rich in calcium, protein, vitamin B and D. in fact, most hair products include essential elements out of it to promote thick hair follicle. Your beautician will even advise you to apply it on your hair to maintain its luster and softness. This is one of the easiest to take since it is ready to drink.

6. Nuts

Apart from necessary oils, nuts also contain proteins, omega-3, biotin and vitamin E as their main ingredients. Cashew nuts are best taken when dry roasted. Therefore, remember to include almonds and cashew nuts to revive your hair growth.


Taking meals rich in protein will obviously result in progressive hair growth and redemption of damaged hair. If you are vegan dieter consider taking nuts instead of going for supplements. If you must, ensure you consult your doctor to advise you on the best alternatives or measures to take before taking your supplements.